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  • We will always protect your rights and work tirelessly to further
    your interests and goals.

  • We will always protect your rights and work tirelessly to further
    your interests and goals.

  • We will always protect your rights and work tirelessly to further
    your interests and goals.

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The end of a relationship is always a difficult and emotional time in your life. Unfortunately, the end of a relationship will also give rise to many decisions that have to be made. Our firm will help you through decisions regarding divorce, child custody, visitation, support, the disposition of marital assets/debt, moving and starting over.

A wealth of emotionals such as anger, sadness, fear and even depression can make dealing with these matters especially difficult. Here at The Law Office of Michael E. Navarro, your case will be handled by an experienced professional who cares about you and is ready to work for you in making this transition as seamless as possible. Our firm is ready to devote the type of attention and sensitivity to your domestic matter that it deserves. Feel comfortable knowing that someone will be there to answer your questions, as well as to explain the procedures, likely duration and prerequisites, should this matter require judicial intervention.

Now is the time to let us assist you, so that we can make this difficult journey a little easier.

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  • Mr. Navarro recently provided exceptional legal service for my child support and child custody case. He was thorough, insightful and handled my case with vigilance. Throughout the process, he maintained a high standard of excellence by keeping me informed and well advised. I would retain him again with confidence and recommend his counsel to any person in need of legal services.


  • Hiring Navarro was the best thing we did. We have never been in trouble with the legal system- not even for a speeding ticket! So when this happened to us - we didn't know what to do. By looking up attorneys in the Yellow Pages- there were so many of course, it was hard to choose which one to go with and who would actually be on our side. Fighting for us. We can honestly say that Michael Navarro helped us every step of the way with the legalities of the system and we was never kept in the dark. We are so thankful to have found such a professional like himself who not only wanted to make sure it was a fair trial but definitely on our side!


  • When I relocated to Charlotte one of the first steps to beginning my new life was tying up the loose ends to my old life. I retained Mr. Navarro as my attorney for my divorce and custody agreement. It was a very messy situation which was made messier by the fact that my soon to be ex-husband lived in another state, which caused serving him with notification of the complaint extremely hard. Mr. Navarro educated me on the process and explained step by step what I could expect. I found Mr. Navarro to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. What confirmed I made the right decision was when the judge said to Mr. Navarro in front of everyone in the courtroom how it is always a pleasure to have him in her courtroom because he is so thorough and how I made a good decision by selecting him to represent me. The final ruling from the judge was exactly as we hoped it would be and I was very pleased to be able to move forward with our fresh start. Since my divorce he has also assisted me with a ticket and I have recommended him to family and friends who also found him to be a wonderful attorney. If you are looking for a professional, empathetic and knowledgeable attorney he is definitely the attorney you are looking for.